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One Piece’s latest project is kind of a huge deal. Today we answer when is One Piece Film: Red coming out and where to watch it online.

Will One Piece latest movie be available on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime?

For 25 years, One Piece has gained incredible success. And after Stampede, people are expecting a lot from the movies. This is a huge deal and we are very excited about it. Let’s get into some details.

This is the 15th One Piece movie. And if you have seen One Piece Stampede, then you know that Red has some big shoes to fill. Stampede saw incredible sales; in fact, it had the biggest opening day in Japan.

Overseas, it performed reasonably well. And then, it has great ratings as well – proven by IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

Our hopes for One Piece Film: Red are quite high. Given the teasers about the appearance of Shanks, we are highly excited. A poster has already been published on Twitter.

Shanks has always been a beloved character and we are highly excited for him to appear. His presence is special because every time he appears, something special happens!

One Piece Film: Red Leaks
As soon as the movie aired, fans started posting leaks and spoilers on Tiktok. Since not everyone has watched the movie yet, a huge uproar is being made on how some fans are spoiling the movie for everyone.

So if you are someone who wants to avoid these leaks until you watch them, stay away from social media. One Piece Film Red will be available to download soon through official means, so do check them out when available.

Where to Watch One Piece Film: Red Eng Sub?
One Piece Film: Red is coming out on August 6, 2022. That is literally 2 weeks after the Silver Jubilee of the series.

First and foremost, the movie will come to the Japanese theatres, followed by which, it will be released in International Theatres. That is the best way to watch the movie and we are hoping people will take up on this chance.

The Covid-19 pandemic severely crippled our ability to go to the movies. Now that it is in control, we should take every chance we get to go to the movies.

Now, for the online sources. Currently, there is no concrete news about it. Since the movie will come to theatres, people will get the hall print and distribute it online.

However, that will be completely illegal and should not be encouraged.

After the theatre period is over, we expect the Dvds and the online streaming to roll out. Our guess is that One Piece Film: Red will be available for streaming from October onwards.

The biggest platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation are bound to have it. We even expect a Funimation dub for this movie.

Will One Piece Film: Red be available on Netflix?
Yes, there’s a great chance of One Piece Film: Red coming on Netflix USA, Australia, U.K, and India after the official release in Japan.

Will One Piece Film: Red be available on Amazon Prime?
We know for a fact that Amazon Video has Stampede for Rent as well as for Sale. The same can happen to One Piece Film Red as well. The movie will most probably be available in English Subtitles.

One Piece Film: Red Poster
The movie will be animated by Goro Taniguchi. This is the first man to animate Luffy in 1998, before the anime dropped, Taniguchi sensei made an OVA named ‘Defeat the Pirate ganzaki!’.

Oda sensei is very pleased by the script of the movie and believes that it will touch the hearts of many people.

Besides the appearance of Shanks, we will also have a new character. Her name has not been revealed yet but her design is absolutely incredible.

Some fans are speculating that this lady might be Shanks’s daughter. Nothing has been confirmed yet, we are still waiting for the One Piece Film: Red trailer.

Whether she is a villain or the main character is unknown. But we know that fans will compare her to Bullet if she turns out to be the antagonist.

We do not know much about the producers and the distributors of this movie. It is still too soon for all of that.

And that is why, most of the information about online streaming of this movie, is largely speculative. We will know for sure when we get closer to the release.

One Piece Movie: Red Trailer
We do have the basic cast of the movie. The official English sub trailer of the Red movie is out, and it might hint about the cast behind the series.

The Legendary Mayumi Tanaka will lend her voice to Luffy. She has done this for decades.

Another legend, Kazuya Nakai, will be back to voice Zoro.
Hiroaki Hirata will of course, voice the prince, that is, Sanji.
Akemi Okamura will return to voice our beautiful Nami-swannn.
Kappei Yamaguchi will voice Usopp, and like this, the original cast for the straw hats will return.
Shanks will be voiced by Shuichi Ikeda.
Other than this, we expect many other people to come. As for the mysterious new character, we are expecting a renowned voice actress. Hopefully, she will do a fantastic job.

We expect One Piece Film: Red to be available on Netflix and Amazon Prime soon. So stay tuned and do read our Demon Slayer Season 3 article.

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