Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
tim tebow

For all you folks studying this piece that do not know who Tim Tebow is, let me take one or two minutes and introduce you to this incredible star sportsman.

Before being drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos, and if you follow college football, you would know that he’s the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner which is the highest award that’s given to the best varsity college football player yearly.

He’s the first player to pass and rush for at least 20 touchdowns in a single season. He was awarded the Associated Press college football Player of the Year in 2007. He is regarded by many as being the greatest college football player ever and has won two national championships as a star quarterback for the University of Florida.

Although Tim Tebow has accomplished so much in his young football career, people have continuously questioned his abilities as an sportsperson and as a person. The first thing that I quickly admired about Tim Tebow was his unrelenting desire to show the critics wrong.

From the moment he was a ninth grader when he was told he was not good enough to play quarterback all the way to being projected as a second round draft pick in the National Football League at best, Tim Tebow beat the odds. Instead of buying into the nonconstructive desires and opinions of his critics, he took it upon himself to dig deep within to overcome the many obstacles that stood in his way.

You maybe maybe asking, “What the hell does this have to do with network marketing”? It has everything to do with the industry. To successfully build any MLM business you are going to meet every kind of personality who will find fault at what you are attempting to do.

The question is what are you intending to do when this happens? Are you going to give in and give up or are you about to do whatsoever is required to triumph over your obstacles? If you stay targeted on your goals, you too can overcome no matter what is thrown your way and develop into the star networker you where made to be.

Another characteristic that aroused my interest and maybe the most vital characteristic is how hard Tim Tebow worked to secure a first round draft choice position before he got drafted.

What was truly impressive was his broad perspective towards working harder than everyone else to get better before the draft. Each time I watched him on a TV interview you would see that he loved working out. You could tell that not only was he working his tail off for potential pro football groups, but he was also working out to boost his very own game.

How regularly have you made the choice to work unflaggingly to get better in your network marketing business? Unfortunately nearly all networkers still regard their MLM business as a hobby rather than a legitimate business.

This is the very reason why over 97% fall short at their attempt to become successful. Starting today, make a pledge to work harder than you have in the past and before long you will find yourself in the top 3% of this industry. Though it is a true statement that most of us will never reach the elect position of a pro sports figure like a Tim Tebow, but we all can work harder on ourselves in our own areas of business and personal advancement.

At the end of the day I wish to congratulate Tim Tebow for being such a positive inspiration for many individuals to look up to. He’s an example of what tough work and sheer backbone can produce in sports and in business. Though I may never met Tim Tebow, I think that with his core characteristics of working conscientiously and his capability to beating barriers he could become a NFL Superstar. What is even better is you too can become a MLM Superstar if you developed the same angles towards your business that Tim Tebow has towards the business of football.

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